Quality Gin Company


Cotton Here at Quality Gin, we take the cotton from your field and turn it into money. You read that right, we’ve got it covered—making your job so easy you can forget the cotton and go right to the Gin. Want to know more specifics? Keep reading!

Step One: We’ll come and pick up your cotton from the field to haul it to the gin. If you have a smartphone, you don’t have to worry about calling us, thanks to our convenient Where’s My Module App. Upload your module’s tag number and GPS location, and we’ll have the location our trucks should dispatch to within seconds.

Step Two: Once the modules have arrived at Quality Gin, we’ll process your harvested cotton in a state-of-the art gin. Our facility’s ginning operation and plant maintenance is on the forefront of modern technology. That includes a computer-controlled system with automated controls, moisture control, and modern packaging.

Step Three: Once your cotton is processed, you’ll have our marketing expertise to rely on. We’re constantly surveying the market, and can advise you on who is offering the best prices. And, we’ll assist in transferring the paperwork to the merchant. In the end, you can be sure that you received the highest dollar for your cotton.

All those services for one ginning fee!